The United Nations Association UAEis a non-governmental organization (NGO). UNAs exist in over 100 nations and represent the 'citizen's movement' of the U.N. with mandates to support the Millennium Development Goals primarily through public engagement incl. advocacy and policy work and through educational initiatives such as providing overarching support to over 10,000 Model U.N. Clubs globally.

Within the respect and confines of the UAE's constitutional monarchy, the UNA UAE is focused solely on engaging and educating youth in the work of the U.N. and overseeing Model U.N. (MUN) Congresses, projects, and programs such as Paint for Peace and Adopt a Minefield.

UNA UAE educational programs fuel greater economic, environmental, civic, and cultural savvy by providing a framework toward a 'big-picture' understanding of international issues and foreign relations while fostering skills toward debate, diplomacy, and consensus building.

In its inaugural year in UAE in 2010, UNA doubled the number of Model U.N. clubs in the nation's schools and hosts MUN Special Briefings and Diplomacy and MUN practicums in NYC, Geneva, The Hague, and Washington, DC


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UAE Model UN Clubs debate and forge plans to conserve natural resources,    Abu Dhabi

     UNA UAE was founded in Abu Dhabi in 2010 with blessing of UAE Ministers and under authority and support of the World Federation of United Nations Association, sponsored with matching funds from AYVF and the U.S. Dept. of State.

The inaugural Task Force & Structure Meeting was held in Al Raha and attended by leaders of Government, Academia, and the Private Sector.

UAE Model UN Congress -Delegates create Natural Disaster Reduction Plans, Dubai

Abu Dhabi MUN team at Harvard MUN Congress

Empowering the Next Generation of UAE's Global Citizens