H.E. Dr. Dino Francescutti, Sub-Regional Coordinator for the GCC for the U.N. Food and Agriculture Org. (FAO) with one of six finalist teams from the Abu Dhabi Girls School, Institute of Applied Technology in the first SDGs Challenge: SDG2 Zero Hunger. Mabrouk!

 2020 Summer (July and August)    

All INCLUSIVE: 7 day intensive  $5,800 per     

For Details on Local Conferences upcoming or Overseas programs for Spring or Summer 2019 please contact:       director@unauae.org                              


Information PAST - www.SDG2Challenge.org

SDGs Solutions Challenges are free and invite all UAE  youth and engaged residents

The inaugural SDGs Challenge focused on SDG2 Zero Hunger: Food Security

during Summer 2019

SDG2 UAE Youth Solutions Briefing: Zero Hunger: Food Security, Sept.